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Emerald Alt Rose Black Sculpture Painting

Emerald Alt Rose Black Sculpture Painting

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This piece is currently on display and exclusively for sale at Brazos Market Boutique in Georgetown, Texas.  Visit them at 820 S Austin Ave, just off the main square!  Or call to purchase: 512-869-7415. 

Who says dark art can't be beautiful or sparkly?  Darken your brightest corner with my ornate, gothic Emerald Rose wall sculpture.  

8” by 12” mixed media wall sculpture on framed board. Hand sculpted clay rose blossom and acrylic leaves mounted onto an octagonal wooden panel on a soft black texture bed.  The corners are embellished with wrought iron decorative corners and encrusted with faux emerald gems.  A hinged metal handle crowns the piece.  

All sales are final.  No returns, exchanges, or refunds. 

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